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Bible Study Nine



There is a murderer within

You know the blessings of the Lord do not ever cease to amaze me.  Personally I cannot fathom for a moment why anyone would want to live their life without Jesus. This thought does amaze me. Needless to say, with all the blessings and miracles I have encountered, witnessed, and been apart of means that I am more than thankful that I have come to know Jesus in a very personal, intimate and real way. My thanks could not be expressed in words enough, nor could I express my words to be appropriate enough even to mention. However, Jesus knows my heart and that is all that counts. Each and every week the Lord reveals a new path to walk and to talk in - regarding this relationship with Him. And this in itself is an adventure that I may not always like or enjoy, but I know that I will grow and mature in some area of my life in which God is concerned about and desires that I grow and mature in. This is all to His own glory and to my own benefit. As it is for me, I know it will be for you as well.

This life in Christ is not an easy ride or path to follow after, it really isn’t. God did not promise any one of us a rose garden, nor did He promise a life of easiness and pure pleasure, for that is just not scriptural nor is it beneficial to any of us. We are considered conqueror’s in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord who is our Commander and Chief, and we are in battle, a spiritual battle that will not cease nor relent from the destruction of all men who have breath under heaven. That is why it is important to keep our eyes on Jesus and to stay in communion with Him daily, because Christ is our life He is our all in all.

“I love the Lord, because He has heard my voice and my supplications.  Because He has inclined His ear to me, therefore I will call upon Him as long as I live. The pains of death surrounded me, and the pangs of Sheol laid hold of me; I found trouble and sorrow. Then I called upon the name of the Lord: “O Lord, I implore you, deliver my soul!”  Gracious is the Lord, and righteous; Yes, our God is merciful. The Lord preserves the simple; I was brought low, and He saved me. Return to your rest, O my soul, for the Lord has dealt bountifully with you. For you have delivered my soul from death, my eyes from tears, and my feet from falling. I will walk before the Lord in the land of the living; I believed, therefore I spoke, I am greatly afflicted. I said in my haste, all men are liars. What shall I render to the Lord for all His benefits toward me? I will take up the cup of salvation, and call upon the name of the Lord. I will pay my vows to the Lord now in the presence of all His people.” Psalm 116.  May the name of the Lord be forever praised, worshipped and utterly adored now and forevermore.

You know there is not a person alive who does not face trials and tribulations of some sort or another in this life. Life at times can seem so merciless and cruel leaving us in search for answers. With all of life’s turns and twists is there anyone who is really prepared for what is to come?

It is so easy to get caught up in life’s merciless acts against us, and neglect to see our own acts of mercilessness and unforgiveness toward others, including ourselves. In a world that is filled with selfish ambition and motivation, and with a “Me, Me” attitude promoted in and in all avenues of this present age, what a sad and lost world we encounter and dwell in.

There is an attitude found among the sons of men and that they consider sin and crimes committed by people, and that there are layers or levels of sins severity, if you will. In other words, stealing a chocolate bar is not as bad as stealing a car. In all truth and righteousness, God does not look at sin in the same way man sees them. For man willingly levels up or determines the severity of wrong-doing and by his own understanding and based on his own righteousness, thus these different sins have different penalties, and this depending on the individual’s own personal righteous standard.

The Lord our God looks upon the laws of the land and the severity of what those laws are when they are broken much different than we do.  With this idea in mind we can understand why the keepers of the law of the land then succumb to the idea of appropriate judgment for those crimes and deliver a particular sentence in order for the law breaker to pay for that crime or crimes committed by certain individuals. However in reality, God has the same just attitude about all crimes and all sins, for they are all equal in His sight. One sin is not greater than another because sin is sin. When one sin is broken they have all been broken in the sight of God. So where does mans boasting come from?

Only from his own puffed up delusion of how wonderful he himself thinks he is, thus allowing the delusion in which man chooses to live take precedence within his own mind. Which leads us to our study of today called, “There is a murderer within”. Now this may cause some heads to turn and glory to God for that, because in reality, we are all murderers and no one is innocent of this crime. Our study is based on the scripture found in the book of 1 John Chapter 3 and versus 10 to 15.

So you may once again want to knock the dust off of your bibles and open them up and follow along. 1 John 3:10 – 15. NKJV.

“In this the children of God and the children of the devil are manifest: Whoever does not practice righteousness is not of God, nor is he who does not love his brother. For this is the message that you heard from the beginning, that we should love one another, not as Cain who was of the wicked one and murdered his brother.  And why did he murder him?  Because his works were evil and his brother’s righteous. Do not marvel, my brethren, if the world hates you. We know that we have passed from death to life, because we love the brethren. He who does not love his brother abides in death. Whoever hates his brother is a murderer, and you know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him.”

I know that hairs are standing up on the back of necks for some people right now and that a spirit of anger, resentment, and retaliation filled with rebellion has kicked in. Holy Spirit is convicting and touching hearts and lives right now about a very serious issue that is occurring in the lives of many people out there in this great big world of ours.

However, this issue is something that needs to be stopped and brought into the light of righteousness because this toe-hold is damaging a lot of people and they are in many cases unknowingly hurting themselves more than anyone else. I am talking to the ones who are being convicted right now, and you know who you are!

You have a choice right now, you can relax, sit, learn, and listen, or you can run as you always do and hide behind a destructive lie destroying you and all those around you. After all, I am not trying to deprive you of your misery, be it far from me to do such a thing. Misery is your buddy and not mine, but as long as you want to entertain your destructive friend, then knock yourself out! Again that is your choice and your own God given right to do, and this according to Proverbs 14:10. However for those of you who want, need, and strongly desire to cross this barrier in your life, and allow Holy Spirit to work, minister and heal you even right now because Jesus desires to do so; then what we all need to do is first of all come to the understanding of; that no one, and that is absolutely no one is innocent of murder!

Indeed, there are two types of murder, there is physical murder and then there is spiritual murder. What we are talking about today is classified as spiritual murder. First of all, what is spiritual murder? The answer is, when you speak with a condemning voice you are no longer speaking in Gods will and you are no longer speaking in love. When you act in a condemning fashion or way, you are no longer acting in love or in humility and are no longer acting in Gods will or on His behalf. As the scripture states in Jeremiah 17:9, “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked; who can know it.”  Peace and grace to all who have ears to hear today and may the love and peace of our God grant you understanding and wisdom regarding His Word at this time.

Many people do not take into consideration the words that come out of their own mouths founded within the heart of every individual. For from the heart the mouth speaks. Matthew 12:34. If the truth be known, we speak curse words or words of negativity into the lives of people everyday.  Even if we do not recognize the curse that we have spoken toward someone, or even upon our own existence, a curse has been spewed forward. The words we speak are active and they are alive.

The words we speak will do exactly what they were meant to do and will not return void. Words have a silent power with a powerful outcome in a very real sense. There are comments and statements made by individuals they themselves may consider harmless, or of good humor or even in a joking fashion. Needless to say, the meaning of negative words spoken is of negative influence and there true essences are rooted, but brought up from hell. How can something negative be positive until it is made positive by counteracting the words with positive words of truth? The words spoken were either a curse or they were a blessing; a building word or a destructive word, there is no in between. When the character and nature of an individual is attacked in any form, way, or fashion, God considers this an act of Spiritual murder. We are not attempting to build and to exhort, but to hurt, kill, destroy and cause personal damage to an individual whom God loves with an undying love. What stands against God stands against us!

God who is Spirit lives and dwells with our spirit (As long as we have accepted Jesus the Christ as Savior and having been washed in His precious Blood). Moreover, it is for this reason that all men who have breath under heaven and are alive today and have a personal and intimate relationship with this God. Even still, the man without God in his/her life are still known by God because it is His Spirit of life that is breathed into the individual that they even have life and a chance to experience this world and the blessings thereof.

The spirit within an individual is the actual or true personage of the individual themselves. It is this exact same spirit that Christ came and died on a cross for because the spirit or the inner man is the true man. Christ did not die for the flesh of man, but for the spirit of man. So when an attack is made on an individual and the words or actions done against the individual scars the spirit within them, this is called Spiritual murder. Are you getting this people?

God takes these spiritual attacks very seriously and quite personal and He says that He will repay what has been done in due time. In another sense we are going to consider the word slander. The word slander means; an act or practice of making false oral statements meant to do harm to the reputation of another. The word false in this text can also be used or replaced with the word insult. Insult emphasizes insolence and abuse, and intention to hurt or to shame another. An insult is an open disrespect or to deliberately hurt a person’s dignity. The very being within an individual is called the inner man or the spiritual man. And since slander is opposite to exhortation, it is obvious that slander is designed to hurt the inner man or the spiritual man, in a physical, yet spiritual way.

When words are being used as a dangerous weapon against the personage of an individual, the damage that is being done is unseen and unrecognizable by the one inflicting the damage. However, God sees what is going on, and God sees the insult to the individuals’ character and self-esteem and that individual under attack is just as precious as the one who is doing the attacking. God sees the murder that is actually taking place.  And God knows who stands accountable for such an act of murder. Even if the attack is being done in utter ignorance; there is a price to pay not only for the one receiving the insult, but for the murderer who is foolishly causing the insult.

Just so you all know and realize that repentance and forgiveness is well in order by all from our heavenly Father upon request because He is so faithful. I have stated this in order for everyone to come to the understanding that we are all accountable and we are all guilty of sin, but the love and mercy of Jesus Christ far outweighs any sin that we could ever commit as long as we are willing to come humbly before Him and to repent of our actions.

Slander is a collection of negative and destructive words compiled together in order to bring personal hurt, pain, doubt, and fear within an individual in order to cause disbelief in oneself and in the promises of our Creator. Slander is Satan’s weapon and used by his elect and by those who are weak in the flesh and know not a more mature way of dealing with their out of control emotions. Another word for slander is False Accusation.

The name Satan means Accuser, and with the meaning of the Devil’s name in place would mean that a question needs to be asked here and that is: are you beginning to put the pieces together to see the incredible ungodly comparison of the two? Satan is the robber, the thief, the murderer, and the liar who attempts to ridicule, slander, shame, and to demean all human beings, and all because of his utter hatred toward God and man and toward all that is righteous and holy, good and pure.

It is time to know and to understand that slander or accusations are weapons designed by Satan and passed on from generation to generation in order to cause spiritual murder within the inner man of people rendering them with fear and bondage, spiritually, emotionally, and even physically. The individual under attack is left feeling crippled, lost and without purpose or meaning, which stands in total opposition to whom God say we are in Him. Fear is the only tool and weapon Satan has left that can truly be a power in his favor and this by the ignorance of man outside of the knowledge of God. Man quickly entertains fear in the broadest sense and knows not what he does when this fear is entertained.

Haters of God are haters of the brethren, or they literally hate people in general, because they usually hate themselves or hate something about themselves that they are not so willing to accept. There could be a number of different things that have occurred within the life of people that cause them to be mean spirited, which include things like, child abuse, physical abuse, verbal abuse, feeling unloved, unwanted, unaccepted (emotional abuse), alcoholism, drug addiction, sexual abuse, abandonment, or homosexuality. The point is, every one can change, and nobody has to go through what they are going through that is continuously robbing them of the true riches found in this life, and those riches are not Money as so many think riches are!

The Lord our God Who is Life allows change as long as the individual accepts change. The world in which we live does not want change and does not like change and that is why the world is so quick to judge, to condemn and to label others without repentance and without fail. We have allowed words and actions of a negative essence to embark our lives to the point where we have become what we thought we would not ever be and have done this blindly because we have all been deceived in one way or another. When in fact, Christ came to set us free from such bondage and allow us the Liberty to be who we are in Him. However, this can only happen when and if we allow Christ to be God in our lives and if we willingly come under that authority. What was yesterday is gone and cannot be retrieved. But what tomorrow has is considered a new beginning, so the question that still remains is, Do you want it because you need it?

Your tomorrow can be yesterday as long as you continue to live in yesterday’s sorrow and this again is a decision made by your own personal choice. People go around continuously walking in hate and in disregard for life because of their own misery. A misery they will not let go of, and all because they feel they don’t know how to let go of it. The impact the incident that has occurred within the person’s life continues to play in their minds like a tape recorder, rewind, and play, rewind and play, rewind and play without end. This is literally torturing the individual beyond measure and by means of understanding. They have given a toe-hold to Satan and Satan will not hesitate in torturing anyone, because that is his desire in the live of all men. Toe-holds soon turn into strong-holds, which than means that there is a huge spiritual battle going on and the flesh is losing the battle because the flesh cannot successfully fight spirit.

This is where what we call pity parties are birthed and they can become endless. This also means that individuals without end are surrounded by fortified walls they themselves have erected, and with the help of demonic forces in play they become captive to a source greater than they are. Some people believe that these inner walls or strong-holds are in place to protect the individual from further hurt or abuse, but in all reality they are simply protecting and defending the misery they say they don’t want to have, and yet they refuse to let go of. Again these people attempt to share their pain and misery with everyone they come into contact with by reliving the same entity of horror they themselves live and experience everyday.

In other words, we have people who are child abusers (usually because they have been abused themselves) who will molest their own children they claim to love. We have alcoholics who train their children to do and be the same as they themselves are, drunks, lost and without hope. We have drug addicts inflicting such torment on their own loved ones; thus justifying their very actions and becoming twice the sons of hell they themselves are. We have women and men abusers who love to beat and to bruise the ones they say the love and care for and justify their means by excuses they know is of no value. Divorce is rampart in today’s world, and divorce is based on unforgiveness. Adultery is everywhere because of excuse after excuse given by lust filled individuals who cannot and will not control themselves in an honorable manner filled with integrity, honor and virtue. It is because honor, integrity, and virtue filled with righteous wisdom is far from these individuals. In all these acts or practices including more practices in the same regards as already mentioned including those other practices that have not even been mentioned here. There are people who love to cause pain and misery in the lives of other people who did not ask for any of this garbage in their own personal lives. This in all reality is a silent call for help, but usually the individual is too immature, proud, or inconsiderate to seek proper help.

So instead of the wounded individual who is deliberately sharing their own pain and misery to seek a healthy source to end all that is inflicting them and to allow all this misery going on within them to be taken care of in a healthy and righteous way, they continue on with tormented soul until destruction overwhelms and claims them. It would be much easier to just simply face the reality of what it is they have been apart of, willingly or unwillingly, and ask Jesus to heal and to allow peace and tranquility to come into the life of the wounded individual. Wounded individuals choose instead to entertain and to deliberately inflict misery and pain on other people thinking this will make them feel better with the hope that they will soon feel justified and at peace.

In all reality these people are so greatly deceived for the fact that no matter how much they inflict their misery and sorrow on others means only that their own pain and loss increases and this to their own destruction. This can happen so much and so often that the spirit within is seared beyond the point of no return and they find themselves totally lost, unacceptable, and filled with such hatred that the desire for life is taken from them by their own destructive means and to what purpose or benefit? This is the cause of unforgiveness and the devastating damage that is done to individual people who choose to entertain, first the toe-hold which will eventually grow into a strong-hold.

Again, it is these very same ones who would prefer to share their pain and misery with the ones they claim to love. How in Gods name are these acts of hatred considered Love? If we once again consider the opening scripture to this study, we read in verse 10 of chapter 3, “In this the children of God and the children of the devil are manifest.”  So the question that still remains is: How are they manifested? Is it not by the act of love and words of exhortation, instead of words of doubt, accusation, curses and words filled with utter hatred? Of course it is. Jesus is the answer! Jesus has always been the answer. You can blame all the people you want to blame, but it is you pushing the misery, look in the mirror, what excuse can you truly give? I am not condemning any one here. I am pointing out facts and issues that are real and are really happening and they are happening everyday with people from all over the world and from every nation.

We all have spiritually blinded eyes in one way or another and it is for this reason that we need each other and we need each others gifts in which God has initially given, so that we can help each other and to do so with love, and with understanding, and with patience filled with long-suffering. After all, to condemn another is to condemn yourself. Romans 2:1.

Coming to Christ means coming into the light and coming out of the darkness. What is hidden in that darkness will be revealed when the light shines upon it and this will be for our own good and for our own betterment if we only allow the reality of Christ to shine on us and to face the reality of who and what we are in Christ. And that is not only because we need to be convicted and filled with remorse, but is because we can find healing and peace allowing joy and love to flow through us so we can give the same answer, which is Jesus to those we truly do love and show that love - in an honorable way filled with integrity and virtue.

There is healing for everyone who is willing to call upon the name of Jesus the Christ. There are major spiritual roots planted within the lives of people that have serious problems that need to be addressed. Jesus wants to turn those problems, those enemies into allies so that we can come out of the darkness and into His wonderful light full of life, love, and acceptance, instead of hiding in darkness behind a fear that holds no value, but only destruction. Those dark miseries so many people face are spiritual problems that physical beings cannot defeat. The spirit is greater than the flesh, and the spirit has always been greater and always will be greater than the flesh. Jesus Christ is the answer!

Let’s face facts here people - you have tried it your way, and it is obviously not working out for you, so take a good hard look at your life.  Now don’t you think it is time to try it Christ’s way? What do you have to lose? Except pain, sorrow, misery, loss, despair, and every other kind of rejection you live and deal with even now. For don’t you know, “Where sin abounds, the grace of God abounds even more.”  Romans 5:20.

The peace and love of God will replace all the depression and unworthiness you may feel and live with daily. He will replace all the feelings you have representing that of being unwanted or unloved, and God will replace the feeling of having no personal value that will dissipate quickly when the Spirit of Almighty God fills you with an unexplainable love and compassion He has for you, and this from God, no matter what you have done in your lifetime or what you have been through.

God wants and desires to heal those open wounds within you, those scars that have tormented you for life; even to this day. He wants to allow you to feel the forgiveness He has toward you so that you can forgive yourself including those who you feel have done you wrong. There is such freedom in forgiveness it is beyond words or expression. Until you come into the knowledge and find for yourself a personal and very intimate relationship with Jesus; torment and misery is all you are ever going to know, and there is no way around this.

Our Father waits with open and loving arms for you to come in.  Don’t grieve His Holy Spirit any longer, Come, because I know you feel the call of God on your life, so stop resisting Him and enter in. Today is your day to meet Jesus one on one. Experience for yourself the love the Father has for you. Ask Jesus to come into your life, and to forgive you of all your sins, known and unknown alike. To wash you clean in His precious blood.  To allow His Holy Spirit to fill you and to reveal Himself to you in such a powerful way that you will know that Jesus Christ is Lord, God, and Savior.  A Savior who says COME! I have treasures and riches for you untold, come to me, I am waiting with open arms for you.

When you have come into this knowledge and face the reality of what is being stated here; there will be a healing of all the spiritual murder that has taken place within your own life, and Jesus will give healing in areas of your life you did not think could be healed. Jesus will touch you in ways you thought you could not ever be touched in. Instead of actions and words of murder you will speak and live words and actions of life; pertaining to a life filled with blessing and with honor. What are you waiting for? Today is your day for salvation and restoration.

Shalom and may you find rest in our One and Only Saving Grace!


Fellowship is good for the soul, for growth, and for spiritual opportunity... come partake of brothers and sisters found in Jesus, no body is complete with members missing.