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Bible Study Five



Hope and its riches…


What kind of Hope do you have and hold onto?


“Because you would forget your misery, and remember it as waters that have passed away, and your life would be brighter than noonday. Though you were dark, you would be like the morning. And you would be secure, because there is hope; Yes, you would dig around you, and take your rest in safety. You would also lie down, and no one would make you afraid; Yes, many would court your favor.” Job 11:16-19 NKJV.

       Hope – what an interesting concept and one that needs to be considered and sought out. In this Scripture written we find a soothing comfort, a confident word spoken, unbroken, and an ability to make a choice, to be secure and to find a favorable nugget of knowledge given to us in order to bless us. With that in mind let us consider what the meaning of Hope is as in regards to the teaching of the Wikipedia Dictionary, which refers to this entity as:

Hope is a belief in a positive outcome related to events and circumstances in one's life. Hope is the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best. To hope is to wish for something with the expectation of the wish being fulfilled, a key condition in unrequited love. Hopefulness is somewhat different from optimism in that hope is an emotional state, whereas optimism is a conclusion reached through a deliberate thought pattern that leads to a positive attitude. When used in a religious context, hope carries a connotation of being aware of what Christians see as spiritual "truth"; see Hope, virtue. In Christian theology, hope is one of the three theological virtues (faith, hope, and charity), which are spiritual gifts of God. In contrast to the above, it is not a physical emotion but a spiritual grace. Hope is distinct from positive thinking.”

       As we go through the Scriptures in reference to the concept of Hope, we will find that it always points to Christ Jesus, which in distinction is Hope and what He has done for each one of us and/or is willing to do for us and this according to His promises spoken into our lives. Those of us who are washed in the blood of the Lamb and have come into an intimate and personal relationship with Jesus have come to realize that Jesus also has a personal and intimate relationship with us, and we come to realize that it is not a one-sided relationship being instituted, but it is a living entity founded in a relationship based on something far greater and more powerful then I myself am.

       God is the initial Giver and initiates the first step into relationship with us and this by His love for us. 1 John 4:19. The Bible clearly states that we are drawn to come to know God by His love that is continually being poured out to us by His own loving and grace filled heart. We then have a choice to make, and that is to accept the love that God does extend toward us or to reject that love. Either way, God’s love and grace does not cease toward us whether we walk in obedience or in rebellion toward Him, God still remains faithful. It is the one’s who have rejected Christ who choose to walk in darkness and pretend that foolishness is wisdom, and this in order to become something they are not nor will they ever be. That is why the Lord considers carnal thoughts and actions foolishness, because people and their ways are like the grass of the field, the grass is here one day and gone the next; so it is with the foolish who reject their one and only saving grace – Jesus!

We do need to keep focused on the issue at hand, even though the grace and love of God branches off into many other areas of life and teaching and with the knowledge that obedience does beget blessing, while rebellion begets consequence that is not a blessing at all; is still a real life issue. However that is not the direction in which we are branching off into at this time, well not completely. What we are looking at and considering is “Hope” and Hope’s initial stand point in our lives and what the purpose of “Hope” is and means to us who are in Christ Jesus. Now with that understanding in place let us continue on.

You will find that Hope accompanies Faith. One of the first things we need to understand in regards to this concept is; Hope is a real entity allowed to make a stance being woven into a spiritual reality called faith. This is where the soul and spirit within us need to be in alignment and in agreement one to the other. As faith is a Spiritual substance we will learn that Hope is a real entity consecutively as a faith substance inter-mingling together to create spiritual strength when hope reveals itself tangibly each and every time. Both of these entities referring to Faith and Hope are not just emotions, but are realities or living entities being produced by the Author of our Hope and Faith by being put into place by our own will and desire that is substantiated by our own knowledge and understanding of what those substances really are and actually stand for; and this by the indwelling and presence of Holy Spirit within us. Indeed, both Faith and Hope affect our emotions as most things do, but Faith and Hope in themselves are not emotions, but living spiritual actions to be done just like love is; for in these three things there is Faith, Hope and Love, and Love is the greatest of these. 1 Corinthians 13:13. Love being an action word in this text. An action word means to “Go out and do”. Now the greatest is love, so where there is love, there will naturally be mercy, grace and understanding involved with each decision made. However, if the love is not the solid foundation in which Hope and faith are attempting to be activated on, then there are going to be many thorns along the way.

We are going to find that the word Hope derives into several different meanings serving a purpose to its direct link with the instance or substance that the specific word Hope is, and the context of what the word Hope is being used in. The Hebrew language has 13 different words with different definitions in reference to the word Hope. Each one is used respectively with what the intention of what that particular hope is at the time, or if there is any hope at all; again what needs to be considered carefully in regards to the foundation on which each person is built on, (And the Lord knows what your foundation is) depends on the man who chooses or denies the Saving Grace of Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior.

13 Hebrew Words for Hope (Old Testament):   2 Greek Words (NT)

1.    Batach                                1.    Elpizo

2.    Yachal                                2.    Elpris

3.    Tocheleth                           

4.    Tiqvah

5.    Kesel

6.    Seber, Sabar, Shabar

7.    Chazah

8.    Miqveh

9.    Mibtach

10.  Machasen

11.  Ya Ach

12.  Yachiyl

13.  Min, Minniy, Minnay.

       Each one of these words both in the Hebrew and the Greek hold specific meaning in how the word Hope is being used and we will consider them all – this in order so that we get a better and more full understanding of the kind of Hope that we may be leaning on and trusting in. There are going to be a number of Scriptures used so be prepared to open your bible and follow along and you will surely be blessed. Remember, it is always good to read Scripture before and after each Scriptural reference so that you get a full understanding of what is going on in that particular Scripture usage. Again, it is good to remember that NO Scripture ever stands alone; in other words, Scripture verifies and validates Scripture. If God says something in one place, then He will say it again in other places. Getting back to our Study on Hope, let us consider what each individual hope is used as.

The First Word we are going to look at is the Hebrew Word “Batach”. Batach means: Refuge, Safety, Security, Feeling Trust, Assurance, Bold and confident, Surely. With this in place we can come to the conclusion that his type of Hope is unfailing and absolute trust and dependency on God and in what the Lord our God has promised and knowing that in His utter ability to meet that need, regardless. Standing on solid Faith, Trusting the Lord in what He has said and has spoken into the lives of His children, will surely happen. There is no doubt. This is having absolute assurance of your foundation and salvation founded in Christ Jesus and being washed and purified in His blood.

Scriptural References: Psalm 16:9 – Psalm 22:9.

       Yachal means: To wait, to be patient, cause to hope, have hope, make to be pained, stay, tarry, trust, wait. With this in mind we come to the understanding that no matter what is going on around us in this world, our Father knows and sees our needs. He knows every situation we face, and no matter how critical it is to us, it is the Father Who wants us to look to Him take courage and wait upon Him and do as He asks you to do, reminding you that He is forever in control, and for us to just simply trust Him and allow Him to be Abba God in our lives. There are times in our lives when we will feel absolutely trapped and bewildered by situations and events that are happening all around us and way beyond our control. These will be like times of testing and yet Father God will allow us to endure these tests in order to strengthen us and to allow God to be God in our lives, allowing our trust to build on and in Him.

Scriptural References: Psalm 31:24 – Psalm 33:18

    Psalm 38:15

       Tocheleth means: Expectations. This is speaking of our faithful expectations and what they are in the Lord and in what the Lord can do within our lives without fail. For those who have a confident boldness in our Abba Father knowing that He is more concerned about our own welfare then we our selves are. You know when God has called you to do something, and when you step out in faith and do it, you are then expecting God to move next. When you come to morning service or come to a gathering of the saints, you come expecting Holy Spirit to be present and to touch and change lives, even your own.

Scriptural References: - Psalm 39:7 – Proverbs 10:28

                                 Proverbs 13:12

Tiqvah means: A cord, an attachment, expectancy, live, things longer for. This is faith-filled Hope, waiting and expecting from the grace and mercy of God in some area of our lives that has proved itself much greater then we are here in the flesh. The cord and attachment can represent our dependency on the Lord when we have come to the realization that an event, issue or presentation has proved itself to be out of our control and means to render. Our eyes turn toward Jesus and we cry out and the Power of Jesus comes shining through. Again, allowing God to be God in our lives. Just like when Peter asked to walk on water and Jesus said “Come!”

Scriptural References: Psalm 71:5 – Proverbs 19:18

                               Proverbs 26:12

       Kesel means: Fatness, Silliness, Confidence, Flank, and Folly. This word represents a hope that is similar to that of a wish list, except that doubt overrides faith with this kind of Hope. This is a lack of confidence, trust, and dependency in an All Powerful God. Or again it could be made similar to any of us treating the Lord like a servant to be at our own beck and call 24/7, which is pure foolishness; while we carry on in our own foolish ways. Hurting our desired appearance before the Lord. A carnal hope is no hope at all because it is based on what the flesh can do or achieve on its own without God. This can also be based on a prideful or arrogant heart; or one who glorifies the flesh more then their true spiritual selves, which is the spiritual man, the inner man whom they are willfully murdering in order to appease and please the already dead flesh. It was for this reason Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

Scriptural References: Psalm 78:7

       Seber – Sabar – Shabar - means: To scrutinize, to expect with hope and patience, tarry, view, wait. This kind of Hope is expected and expected in full, where joy is complete knowing that God will do all the things that He said He would do. Jesus is a non-failing Hope even when things seem impossible or beyond the realm of reality, this kind of Hope comes charging through. Even though patience is required in the hope that was requested here, the faith of that hope would produce itself when the time was right and the Lord prevailed in a particular area in life. To dig in one’s heels and know and believe that God will bring about what needs to be done. For the prayers of a righteous man are powerful.

Scriptural References: Psalm 119:116 – Psalm 146:5

                               Isaiah 38:18

       Chazah means: Spiritual protection, to confide in, refuge. This Hope defines a place of rest and confidence in the Spirit and truth of the Living God. Offering spiritual protection, guidance and understanding and coming to the conclusion that Jesus is our refuge and our place of Safety and when we are held in His hands, we are forever in the Hands of the Lord. (Consider Psalm 91) We come to know and to understand that Jesus is our Best Friend and closet buddy. When we confess our sins, He is gentle and has so easily and already forgiven us our sins and trespasses because His love and His mercy is far greater than our sin ever could be and this by being washed and cleansed in the Blood of the Sacrificial Lamb – Who is Christ Jesus! This is God’s gift of grace to you, eternal life through and by Jesus the Christ – Accept Him today – Today is your day for salvation.

Scriptural References: Proverbs 14:32

       Miqveh means: Something waited for, also a collection, a caravan or drove, abiding, gathering together, plenty, pool. This is similar to a corporate gathering where many people gather together with the same Hope and Vision which is shared. With two or more in agreement Jesus said He would be there too. This type of Hope is reinforced by numerous or multiple numbers who stand in agreement. This makes for powerful prayer and worship to the Lord.

Scriptural References: Psalm 14:8 – Jeremiah 14:8

                               Jeremiah 17:13

       Mibtach means: A refuge, security, assurance, confidence, sure, trust. This is a Hope that is laced with spiritual guarantees. This is a solid and unmovable Hope knowing in the heart and spirit of believers that God will honor His word regardless of what others might say or do. Jesus has the final authority and word over our lives and salvation. This stands for a confident people who stand in the Spirit of God daily, seeking His face, reading His word, and being blessed by the Food of God.

Scriptural References: Jeremiah 17:7

       Machaseh means: A shelter, a refuge. This is having a Hope of confidence that the Lord is not against us, but stands for us. Nevertheless the Lord will be our guiding light in all darkness showing and leading us the way and us having the confidence that God is able to sustain us even when we fall. He is our refuge and rampart when needed or called upon. He is the Wings that bind us up in safety and cares for us, and when the whole world has turned against us, Jesus will still be there for us and with us and IN us. We who are in Christ Jesus will not ever be alone, for Jesus said He would never leave nor forsake us. Hebrews 13:5.

Scriptural References: Jeremiah 17:17 – Joel 3:16

       Ya Ach means: To desist, to despond, despair, one that is desperate, to be of no hope. This represents a helpless and defeated Hope that proves itself lifeless, faithless and full of doubt. Nevertheless, when there is a Hope that is no hope at all, but is totally the opposite which is life taking instead of life building; this is because the individual is based and founded on carnal instincts alone and this to their own loss and misunderstandings because of their own lack of knowledge in regards to the Lord our God. This is because the flesh is spiritually bankrupt, or considered the walking dead. Sin is a reality and has a powerful sting to it. Sin is death, sin is the reason all flesh must die. Sin is a liar, a thief, and a robber. When sin is excused, or not recognized for what it is; and then taken care of properly, then it will only be a matter of time before the consequences of that entity will takes its toll.

       Sin is a spiritual reality manifested in the flesh, and that means in all flesh. The only way sin can be cleansed is by the shedding of blood. Life is in the blood, so when blood is shed, especially when that blood is perfect, flawless, and completely pure and holy, this is what is acceptable to God the Father because that is the way He made everything in the beginning; which was PERFECT! Holiness is perfection, Sin is imperfection! When you and I are washed in the blood of the Lamb, namely Jesus the Christ, God sees the blood of Jesus in and on us and that is what makes us acceptable to Him all the time. However, if God the Father does not see the blood of Jesus in and on you, because you chose the way of the world, or even your own way, or possibly somebody else’s way; then our heavenly Father will see your imperfect blood, making you unacceptable and revealing that you chose to neglect the greatest gift ever given, and that you neglected the gift of salvation being freely given by a loving and most caring God whom you did not have time for, or chose to ignore, or said that He didn’t exist. This is self-willed hopelessness!

Scriptural References: Isaiah 57:10 - Jeremiah 2:25

    Jeremiah 18:12

       Yachiyl means: Should hope. A reminding Hope that generates itself through the knowledge of God and of Gods word in our own lives. Realizing that our portion is found in the Lord and His own abilities and that He can meet all of our needs regardless of what those needs are. There are many times we humans get the impression that we have to work for, or to do something amazing in order to get the Father’s attention so that we might get or achieve something we so desire. God will allow us in a place somewhere in our lives - where no matter what we have physically or carnally, none of this will help our present situation. We need the Lord all the time, every day and by every minute of each day. Jesus wants us focused and glued on Him; to have our eyes fixed on Him and to carefully follow, even though at times we will go astray, Jesus will be right there to draw us back to Himself. That is why God allows us to be put in such places so that we have no other place to go or to call for help on, We need Jesus and our Hope and trust should be in Him.

Scriptural References: Lamentations 3:24 – Lamentations 3:26

       Min – Minniy – Minnay means: A part of, from or part of, above, after or among. This is the Hope that informs of internally that we are not our own. We should have the knowledge that we are created beings by a Most Awesome Creator and Father. There is a natural indwelling of spiritual Hope knowing that someone Greater is out there in the heavens watching over us and protecting us. This is having the internal security that God is in control and that He has final say and authority over each and every individual who has breath. It is knowing that we are all a small part of something much bigger or larger then we could ever comprehend.

Scriptural References: Psalm 119:116.

To be continued...


Jesus is the Light of the world, so let us keep our eyes on Him.

Fellowship is good for the soul, for growth, and for spiritual opportunity... come partake of brothers and sisters found in Jesus, no body is complete with members missing.