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Testimony 3

Testimony of Pastor K.V.Heerams

MY witness During my adolescent stage, I was totally indiscipline, not carrying the advice of my parents, I had maintained very bad friendship circle and willingly and accidentally I had addicted to alcohol, narcotic drugs, abusing Even my parents and other elders in my village. I had spent most of the time as a wag bond by being not paid much attention on the studies, though our parents were Christians right from the beginning, I did not go for church and such a time was being processed, at one previous occasion, time and day, incidentally, in our village some reputed missionaries had conducted gospel meetings with huge gathering, most significantly, the missionaries have invited USA’s renowned and distinguished gospel speakers, for which I had attended regular for three days. Really and to say very frankly, the most thought provoking and inspiring gospel speeches of these American speakers had been Touched My heart and randomly I had my self started seen some unprecedented and un imaginable change in my tendency and way of life I had approached American God’s servants and requested them to pray for me, accordingly they had prayed for me for half an hour and at once I had repented and forgiven my sins before GOD. From thereto, had agreed LORD JESUS CHRIST as my personal savior and started going to the church and reading the BIBLE very regularly. GOD had done MIRACLE in my life. Since 1998,I was being done the most gospel service as well as community development service at our operational village and to this effect, we will have our register service oriented NONPROFIT ORGANISATION titled “CENTRE FOR REHABILITATION AND EMANICIPATION OF THE POOR” wide registered number23/98 for which I will be the Executive Director, my good name is pastor K.VICTOR.HEERAMS, ours fundamental determination and motive is to establish the “KINGDOM OF GOD” here in INDIA to this effect we were being made brisk and relentless efforts along with our fellow pastors and youth team, by being specifically concentrated in the 50 villages, mostly located in the hill areas, rocky areas, seashore areas and river side areas, where 95% of the people still today don’t about JESUS CHRIST. We had a fervent confidence and trust that we shall fulfill our Herculean endeavor assigned by LORD to us. Please kindly pray the GOD for all our respective ministries onerous endeavors. On our social service front, we had a concrete and concerted commitments in order to extend the services and accordingly, we are maintaining an orphan home for the 26 poor and destitute children’s by providing the basic amenities and we are all meeting these expenses with the liberal contributions made by some generous hearted people philanthropists and with our Sunday offerings, we are providing free food and clothes to the 20 poor widows to our oladage home people. It is our humble request, kindly pray the god for our orphan children, poor widows and for all the members concerned of our respective ministry “CREP” please pray for us as we pray for you.

Fellowship is good for the soul, for growth, and for spiritual opportunity... come partake of brothers and sisters found in Jesus, no body is complete with members missing.