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Testimony 2

Real - Live - Life Inspired Testimonies

Pastor B.chandra

My name is Pastor B.chandra Banu age of 36 years old and from Karimnagar district of Andhra Pradesh, South India . I belong to Banjara Tribe. I am serving the Lord among the Gypsy Banjara tribes. I have planted two churches and conducting services.

I have completed my theological training in a Senate Serampur College . By the Prayers and large vision I have established in the ministry to serve the poor and needy Banjaras with social and spiritual aspects.

"My heart burden and desire is to reach the Perishing souls of Banjaras to Christ." (Rom :10:1)

Life before I accepted Christ: My parents are Farmers and we were raised with religious worshippers of Hindu gods and goddesses. My father is a village leader. I also follow the qualities of my father I use to dominate among other people. By the proud leadership I was entailed with I entered into communism as an informant.

Once our community people quarreled with people from other tribes, but unexpectedly one person had their head injured. Those people went and made a formal complaint against me in a police station telling them that I was an informant for the communist party and attempted to injure me. I was afraid of the police and the complaint made against me, with that I escaped from my village to a different city where I would not be found.

When I stood in front of the Bible College Institution, the people there took notice of me and greeted me. The bible college staff had seen my pathetic situation and asked me to come in; one of the people who took me in gave me food and shown me great hospitality. Then he shared the word of the Lord Jesus with me and asked me to join the Bible College. I thought for the time being it would be a great place to hide, and it would be good to escape the sight of the police by joining the college. Then daily when I began to study the word of God, it so happened that one day God had touched my heart.

After accepting Christ as Savior in my life, being shown by the Master that I my self was a sinner in need of the Gift of God called Salvation. Then immediately I repented and accepted Jesus Christ into my heart and life as my personal Savior, Lord and God.

After completing six months of Bible College and studying Evangelism courses, I started preaching the gospel. At the same time I was afraid of the police and the case made against me, which meant that at any time they may kill me.

So, I decided that I would turn my self in willingly, and surrendered to the court like a changed man. During my service in ministry I attended for three years the court Case that was standing against me, finally whatever happened to superiors concerning me in the court, all the cases were dropped and dismissed and I was able to go free. I thank God that He would save me so miraculously.

During the time I have been serving the Lord, my parents revealed that they didn’t care about me, and disapproved of me serving this Jesus and they left me as an orphan. Their reasoning behind their actions was because they said that we had many idols to worship why would I accept another Lord?

I felt much sorrow by my family members. I prayed for them I have struggled a lot during the time of service I have spent to the Lord. For example I don’t have good food to eat, and there is no good shelter, clothes, etc.

By prayer I served the Lord. Many Christian brothers and believers have shown the love of Christ and have shown His compassion toward me. Our Lord has done many wonderful works through me. I praise lord for His glory and for His Kingdom. My parents also accepted Jesus the Christ as their personal Savior and for this I am very blessed. After that I have joined in a theological college for 4 years course. Our Lord has lifted all my troubles off of my shoulders and placed them into His own hands.

As our Lord has called for His ministry, I have dedicated to our Lord to gain the perishing souls of Banjaras to Christ Jesus. I am traveling 15-20 km’s on Bicycle every day in order to share the gospel with those lost souls.

Fellowship is good for the soul, for growth, and for spiritual opportunity... come partake of brothers and sisters found in Jesus, no body is complete with members missing.