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Daily Bible Reading



A daily, monthly, and yearly bible reading plan. These are just suggested scriptures to read and to meditate on in order to draw closer to our Heavenly Father, filled with utmost intimacy and love that comes only from Above.

The Weekly/Monthly Bible reading plan is divided up into three groups:

1st Group - October to January

2nd Group - February to May

3rd Group - June to September






Remember to always pray and ask Holy Spirit to guide and to
teach you while you read His word.

Remember the Bible is a love letter from our Father to us, this is vital to remember.

A love letter does not ever condemn the lover, but praises them and offers hope, encouragement, knowledge filled with understanding.

This is all bound in faith, the secret ingredient to pleasing the Lord, and that is to just simply believe and trust in Him, the Creator of all things.

Holy Spirit is our spiritual guide, there is no other that
is worthy, for Holy Spirit glorifies Jesus, and Jesus
glorifies the Father, yet the Father glorifies both Holy
Spirit and Jesus, who is HIMSELF.

Trust God and not your flesh, for spiritual things are complete foolishness to the flesh.

The scriptures were not meant for flesh and blood,
but for the spirit, heart, soul, and mind of man.

Go in faith, trusting God, for He has laid out the recipe to life, if the recipe is followed there is no possible chance for failure, not now, and not ever.

Peace and Grace to all who have entered this place today.


If you do not have a bible, click the bible below and one will be provided for you.


The Bible is a LOVE LETTER from our Father in Heaven given to us His fallen children.

Fellowship is good for the soul, for growth, and for spiritual opportunity... come partake of brothers and sisters found in Jesus, no body is complete with members missing.