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Grace and the Legalist Mindset
For many it is so easy to get lost and confused on the concept concerning Godís eternal and endless Grace being offered through Jesus Christ and the sacrificial blood that was poured out concerning all men who would believe. This book is about that very thing. It boldly points in a very personal way what God has revealed concerning His Grace and Mercy toward man and maintains His Grace in full effectiveness by His own Power and Glory.

Legalism is one of the churchís biggest problems and literally renders believers useless and to wear false masks of humility. Legalism is a robber, a thief, and a wolf in sheepís clothing designed to hurt, to cripple, and to harm oneself and others who get caught up in it.

Grace is far more powerful and offers so much more than legalism ever could in the life of man. This book is anointed and filled with powerful truths that will help set the prisoner free from this endless turmoil of legalistic values that so easily entangles us.

What Gift have you ever worked for? Yet so many are working for the Gift freely given by the Grace and Mercy of our Abba Father Who loves us more than life. Obviously there is a problem with the concept of legalism and its offer; thus itís time to face the issue head on and take people on a spiritual journey called Mercy and Grace.

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