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Praise Reports

Praise Reports from around the world.

To Brian, senior pastor of ECM Ministries.

Greetings to you in the mighty name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

How are you? By the grace of our Lord and Savior we are doing fine here. I to hope same is with you.

We had a blessed and wonderful program this Sunday with our church elders once again we had visited a new village named Chinthal and preached the gospel and distributed the tracks door to door.

Almost we had reached 200 people with the gospel of Christ. Many people are interested to know the gospel and accept the Christ as their savior.

It was awesome.

Day by day I am greatly encouraged in the ministry by your ministry and prayers.

At the end of this month from 19-23rd we are planning to reach almost 50 slums with a group of team members to share the gospel.

We are in need of literatures and Bibles.

Pray for this program to be glorified by our lord and also to move the Holy Spirit Who is among the teams.

We are praying to the Lord that He will help the poor and the orphaned children, this includes the widows with clothes and much needed items. We are planning to arrange a lunch for this Christmas for the people of the villages where we have spread the gospel before.

Pray for this program with me, now this is the good opportunity to gain the perishing souls of Banjara tribes for Christ by showing his love, grace, mercy and affection of Christ through the Christmas season.

Prayerfully join your Hands to glorify our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Convey Banjara greetings to you and to your loving family.

Thanking you

Yours in Christ Jesus
Pastor B.Chandra banu


Praise the Lord Jesus Christ Who guides and gives me so much blessing, so that I can preach His message here among the people in India. Amen.

Dear brother and senior pastor of ECM Ministry. Jesus bless you and let His peace and happiness rest on you. Amen.

Brother Brian, thank you for your reply back to me. I appreciate the spiritual guidance you have given me. For 2 days and for 2 nights I studied the bible studies and considered all the resources available on your ministry website. I learned many useful things and have become firm in my faith found in Christ Jesus.

I also noticed poems and Children’s bible studies and took these studies and preached them among the children and the people here in India, and all of them were very excited and began to hunger for more.

Now by the grace of Jesus I am translating those poems, children’s bible studies and the bible studies into my own local language and will deliver them among the people so that they can learn and grow strong in Christ through these blessed lessons your ministry offers. Amen.

I am doing all this work in the name of Jesus and by your ECM Ministry and have told the children and people of your blessed ministry. Now please, I make a request to you in regards to your ministry that I can become a pastor in your ministry and deliver the same studies and spiritual lessons that you offer to the people here in India and to my church. It has been my childhood dream to serve Jesus and to become a powerful Pastor in Christ.

Please try to understand my heart feelings in this matter, and I am praying Jesus will speak to you about this matter. I want these people to come to know Jesus in a very real way and I want to establish the church here under your ministry, because I am so impressed with your ministry and the anointed works you offer through it. I know you are a blessed pastor and have beautiful messages that speak to the hearts of the people.

Your humble servant in the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

Pastor Saleem Simon


Brian, wow, what an awesome message on legalism you have given. You are so right, I have found from personal experience that the legalistic mindset can be very difficult to deal with and can be very hurtful to those under its strong hold. Yet, at the same time, my heart goes out to those who are in bondage to this mindset.

As I too was once bound by it and it took many life changing experiences to make me realize that we are hopeless within ourselves. It is only because God, when He looks at us, sees the purity of Christ due to his sacrifice on the cross, which any of us will make it in. To God be the glory! May He keep us humble enough to know from where it is that our salvation comes from and may He go before us in our spiritual battles for our victory is through Him.

I had turned from God at one point in my life, shortly after my dad's death. I wanted to hear nothing about God. I wanted to run my own life MY own way. It was God Who allowed me to do just that and little by little I saw my life for what it really was! I was taking a downward spiral until I finally hit rock bottom. It was then, in all my sin, my shame and filth that I looked up and found a God who was willing to put His arms of love around me and take me in just as I was.

I didn't have to DO anything. Christ had already done it all for me. I had NOTHING to offer Him. Yet He loved me and forgave me. What a humbling, mind changing, and heart changing experience that was. From that point on I came to see God in a whole new light. I saw a God who loved when everyone else would have been critical and condemning.

For the first time in my life I came to see God as not only a God of righteous judgment, but also as a God of mercy and compassion. It has become my passion to help others to see that God is more than a God of judgment, but also a balanced God and as a God of mercy and compassion as well as a God of judgment and correction. It is my prayer that those who see God as a God of wrath and anger would come to experience the same love, mercy and compassion that I've experienced in my own personal life. I am grateful for the mercy shown to me.

Jo Jo
South Carolina, USA


Praise the Lord Jesus Christ Amen.
Pakistan is a Muslim country and Christians are very miserable here, and left to be uneducated and are far from bible teachings. It is a very dangerous thing here to be in Christian faith. I Pastor a church here and have a bible school so that the awareness of Jesus Christ would be known among the communities. We request the help of ECM ministries to help us in this area and to be able to work under and through your ministry in Jesus name.

Today I am very happy and feel great pleasure in telling the ECM ministry that Jesus has chosen me and last night Jesus came to me and gave me His power through Holy Spirit. I am now fearless and come to realize that no power can stand against me and that I can stand against all the hurdles that come against me.

I give this credit to your ECM ministry and to the prayers of your ministry that Jesus has covered and blessed me through the power of those prayers to do His work here. When Jesus met with me He said to me to stand firm in the faith and not to lose heart for He is with me and that no harm can come to me for the blessings of the Lord are upon me and God is my defender. Jesus said also that to ask in His name and the Father would do it to His own glory. Amen. Thanks again for your powerful prayers ECM.

This morning, the first thing that blessed me was, I was thinking about how we needed a lady Sunday school teacher to help teach the children about Jesus. I was praying that God would send a lady to help me in His holy work here. A lady come to my door who has heard the gospel message and accepted Jesus into her heart, and said she had a dream last night and that she was teaching the children about Jesus in Sunday school.

She said she was so surprised that she found Jesus in her heart like He promised. Amen. She said she could feel the power of Holy Spirit all over her and that He did not leave her. Her faith too became very strong and she was standing firm in Jesus. She said she felt incredible joy and happiness when she was reading the bible and that Jesus was real and living in her. She has now offered to teach Sunday school to the children which is an incredible blessing, praise Jesus. Amen.

The prayers of the ECM and the saints have changed the hearts of people and continue to do so as Holy Spirit moves in this place. The power of prayer has changed me and now I am a soldier of Jesus and am not afraid of the Muslims and their dangerous acts. Amen. We stand in the power of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Jesus bless you and your ECM ministry and you all have a Merry Christmas.

Pastor Saleem Simon


For I know the thoughts and plans that I have for you, says the Lord, thoughts and plans for welfare and peace and not for evil, to give you hope in your final outcome. Then you will call upon Me, and you will come and pray to Me, and I will hear and heed you. Then you will seek Me, inquire for, and require Me [as a vital necessity] and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart. I will be found by you, says the Lord, and I will release you from captivity and gather you from all the nations and all the places to which I have driven you, says the Lord, and I will bring you back to the place from which I caused you to be carried away captive. Jeremiah 29: 11 – 14.

What a beautiful saying and it is so true, when we begin to search for God will all of our hearts God will show Himself to us. Amen. It is then that Jesus will greatly bless us and I know this by my own experience. Jesus has found me and He opened my eyes and He promises to protect me and will lead me in whatever work I start in His name and to His glory.

The prayers of ECM ministry are really miracle prayers and the prayers from that ministry have changed me and now I keep my mind continually on the word of God and on Jesus. The Lord Jesus has given me great powers by His Holy Spirit to speak the Word of God to everyone and to do so with boldness and confidence. The people here are beginning to appreciate me and are offering to help me with the work of the Lord, which is a great blessing.

The Ministry which Jesus has entitled to me has begun to make awesome progress and this is all due to your prayers ECM and by the Hand of the Living God Jesus. I am always praying for the ECM ministries as well. Please continue to pray for me and pray for the Bible school and the children’s school so that they are able to learn the bible and the spiritual truth as I am. Amen. I believe it is a very great work and that the children need to learn about Christian education, because Children are the pillar of the future Christianity. Please pray for the school and for the children including all the requirements needed to accomplish this work. It is such a great experience to come to KNOW Jesus personally.

We have found that with God it means to respect and to accept the Sacrifice of Jesus on the cross and to come and be washed in the blood of the Lamb to be acceptable in the eyes and in the heart of God the Father. If we do not obey the will of God, then we simply mock the sacrifice of Jesus our Lord and God which was freely given to us. We should obey the mission of Jesus and His salvation to reach the people of every nation, to attend church and to love humanity. We all need to be ready for the return of Jesus because we do not know on what day He will come.
Jesus bless all the pastors and all the servants of Christ Jesus who remain awake all the time and waiting on Him. Amen.

These are my heart felt thoughts that I share with all you dear brothers and saints in Christ Jesus and His love. Lord bless you senior pastor of ECM ministries and let the peace and grace of Jesus forever rest on you and your ministry.

Your humble servant of the Lord Jesus Christ Amen.

Pastor Saleem Simon


I would personally like to thank each and everyone who continues to give offerings to this ministry, we have been so greatly blessed, and it is amazing to see the Spirit of Almighty God at work through these offerings, Praise the name of Jesus.

We have come along side of the Don't Walk Alone Ministry, a ministry in which feeds the less fortunate and people who are living on the streets, the ministry is becoming a major success and the people are getting so incredibly blessed. With your financial giving, it is our desire now to get a building where they can be properly sheltered and have stable addresses to help these less fortunate people to be able to stand on their own two feet again and become a blessing to someone else, Lord willing.

With out your faithfulness and compassion this project would have been literally dissolved, which would have been heart breaking, but with faith in Christ Jesus our Lord, many people are blessing these ministries so the work of our Lord and Savior can carry on, and literally touch the hearts of the people one at at time.

Also, we have now received an opportunity to take the ECM ministry live on air, world wide through radio and internet means, which is all glory to Jesus the Christ. Daily we are receiving many ministries who wish to come under the ECM ministries with the message of Grace, love, mercy and the total acceptance of people in and under Christ Jesus our Lord, and this is world wide. We are so grateful to Jesus for what He is doing, thank you blessed people found in Christ Jesus, you are an incredible blessing.

We thank you all so much, Lord bless

Evangelist Brian Keddy


Hadra Gittleman:

you know, we serve an awesome wonderful GOD!!!
He's just amazing!!!
I would like to share just how great He is!!!
I felt so terrible for so long, and then I learned that I'm forgiven, and shouldn't keep condemning my self, I felt bad for a close friend and brother I lost, but I knew that all I had to learn is how to trust the Lord, and cling to Him, and build a relationship with Him, and not people...
I've been for the past 2 and a half months in a place where it has been so hard to worship and pray, I've been dancing lately for a little while, while people were outside, but on His Holy Shabat, there were people here all day long, with tv, and stuff, both Friday and Saturday, it's been so hard living here with no believers, I kept praying, and last night was a giant battle, I was praying, and receiving words from my Father who is in Heaven, I couldn't stop praising His name, and greatness, my last 3 nights, I've had weird dreams, even though I was promised by GOD to love me in my sleep, but when I think of it, He did, it's been a holy day here, Purim, so I haven't had the chance to be alone, to be able to worship, and dance and sing for almost a week...
first weird dream I had was an earthquake, and for some reason I was in a bus with a few other people, but i was terrified, not of the earthquake, but of meeting JESUS, because I felt so not ready, the next night my dream was that I was caught with a bunch of other people and each one was killed, I ran away somehow, and tried to walk in the weirdest path possible home, so that I would lose the people who might be following me, for some reason, I came into the house of my parents, a whole army came in shortly and tried to take me, but my father was a little bit against letting them take me... the 3rd night (last night) my dream was the weirdest, I was with a lot of other people, in a terribly dark boarding school thing, people there were been burned for the fun of the "Manager" or what ever you wanna call him, it was dark, and scary, I had a friend there, that had this talent for electronics, so the "Manager" kept him around, once that manager tried to burn me, and that friend talked him out of it, the next time he tried I was in the flames, and I don't remember the dream, but for some reason I wasn't scared, and felt no pain, and somehow I got out of there unharmed, and needed to get out of the school, cause the manager thought I was dead, and should not find that he's wrong, I spoke to people, and we wanted to do that the next day, when everyone can go out for a moment, for shopping... and then that same friend got me out on that same moment, got me into his house, I don't know why, but that manager with another little girl followed us, they went into a room I went into before I had the chance to hide, I was hoping they would not find me, standing behind a closet, fully exposed, but they looked right at me, they were in that room for a really long time, and didn't find me at all.... didn't see me, they almost touched me, but still did not see me looking right at me, I knew it was JESUS in that dream, I don't remember much afterwards, but I do remember waking up, saying thank you Lord, and that I didn't have a clue what He was speaking of when He said He'll love me in my sleep one night before, it was wonderful, no pain, no fear, not even a little bit, and full victory over my enemies, perfectly by His power!!!

I want you all to know I wanted to worship, on that day I will finally have by my self, but I couldn't, for my 2 youngest brothers stayed home from school. I want you all to know that before I went to sleep I prayed, and what I received was more then "I'll love you in your sleep" (I don't remember the exact words) but He said also that He will get me out on His timing, and that I should wait patiently...

I was ready, and prayed saying I trust Him for it
before I knew it, a lady that is living with roommates called, and said that I can stay in her roommate's room for 2 months starting next month, to take care of her pets (dog and a few cats) while she's outside of the country, and I don't need to pay rent, only bills, and it is in Jerusalem, so I will be able to work for this family that needs a worker and can pay a third of a minimum paycheck, and have 2 months to get another job, or what ever the Lord is willing for me to have!!!

I'm so very grateful to Him for His miracles, and wonders, and glory, and goodness, and kindness, and mercy!!!
He is worthy to be praised!!!

Thank you so much יהוה Most High Almighty GOD of Abraham Issac and Jacob, glorious Holy one of Israel, my beloved Father, thank you so much ישוע my beloved Savior, and Lord, lover of my soul, my best friend, for your love, sacrifice, and mercy. Thank you Holy Spirit for everything, and for guiding me and comforting me, and being with me in my hard times.

I love you my GOD, my Savior, my love, my everything!!!
GOD bless you all, and may you will also see His wonders in your life!!!

Love Hadar


With the blessings, anointing, and grace of Jesus Christ this ministry continues to grow and to touch the hearts and lives of people on a daily basis all over the world. The sales of the book called "Grace and the Legalist Mindset" are doing phenomenally well and all praise to Jesus for that... Since our Father truly longs to set us all free, and simply free to be who you are and in what God our Creator has created each one of us to be in and under Him.

Countries like Africa, Pakistan, Philippines, and India are continually being blessed by this ministry and daily we receive praise reports from these people as they come into the knowledge and Spirit of Jesus Christ and are being filled with Holy Spirit and are becoming a power house under Jesus to the glory of His own name in those countries.

One heart a time, people are being blessed. Prayers for the radio show are greatly needed, there always seem to be a problem when the show airs, so obviously Satan is making his attacks in that area so the message doesn't go out, but still the message goes out and faithfully we will continue to bless the nations through that medium as long as the Lord allows.

Again I want to thank all the people who faithfully give to this ministry, your giving is literally a blessing to so many people both national and international and we do want to thank the corporate sponsors who have been affiliating with us and sponsoring ECM in order to do what we do most effectively. Jesus is so good and the blessings are coming to those who are promoting the Kingdom of God and Jesus is greatly to be praised for this wonderful work and thing.

Thank you once again Saints.

Brian Keddy


I thank God for giving us this chance to share our view through the internet. Dear Brother, this is my wish that I can tell my brother or sisters from diffrent nationality about JESUS.

I want to share my testimony with all who read this. My Jesus give my daughter Jenny new life. She was having Brain tumor issues threatning her life, but my Lord healed her because of our prayers we receive reply in YES. All promises made by Jesus is YES. I want to say lot about the love, mercy, grace and kindness of Jesus to those who realy love Him with there heart.

Farook Naseem
West Riffa - Bahrain - Northern State

Fellowship is good for the soul, for growth, and for spiritual opportunity... come partake of brothers and sisters found in Jesus, no body is complete with members missing.