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Send Out Judah
The Lord our God calls us all to praise and to worship Him. Indeed, there are many ways in order to bring this about and again in ways that He finds fully pleasing. God our heavenly and loving Father has bestowed upon men spiritual gifts and many blessings. These gifts and blessings are designed to strengthen and to empower us in order to walk victorious in a cold and dark world. Even as we read the Gospels we find that Jesus used most strange and peculiar things to achieve what He wanted done and this meaning things that seemed rather odd and totally unusual to us here in the carnal state.

We are going to take a spiritual journey through the Scriptures and we will discover what the purpose of praise and worship is and why it is so vitally important in today's gospel churches and in the lives of believers. This is a journey that is going to change lives and to change them drastically and in a very powerful way. There is liberty to be found within the written Word of God when spiritual understanding is applied. We will come to know a difference between praise to the world (Flesh) and praise to the Living God and how that affects our lives.

There is a reason that we should “Send Out Judah” and the Spiritual power behind this wonderful act of humble adoration designed by God for God and to the benefit of the people. There will be many people who will be greatly challenged by this reading, but again Liberty will set up its throne in the lives of those who are willing to walk through this spiritual journey and add to their learning. It's time to Send Out Judah!

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